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SPLICE Survey Results – What the Community Think
We’ve been experimenting with community consultation. We put together an online community survey to try and gather information from our extended whanau -members of the community who do not have students presently at school. The response wasn’t high (about 50), but these were 50 people we would not have heard from previously. We had some interesting results; 89% said they cared “a LOT” about education in our community. That’s very encouraging.

What information and where do we want it?
Only 29% said they were satisfied with the information schools were providing to the community. They said their preference was to get information from the local Newspaper, our local Community Website and School sites. They were particularly interested in what we know now about how human beings really learn, what student’s were expected to learn about in the different learning areas, what the ‘Key Competencies” are and how they’re expected to develop these, and more importantly – what projects students/schools were involved in. 70% of them said they would visit school online sites to become better informed about class activities and student progress.

This is interesting …
An overwhelming 94% said representatives of local management industry, businesses, services and community should meet with local education groups and student groups. They said that local schools should come up with projects and approach the community for help. They offered lots of advice and ideas …

So …we’re listening and we’re trying some things differently.
Students from our local schools have collaborated on two information spreads in the local Newspaper. They worked with their learning facilitators, the editor of the Newspaper, a graphic artist and their local Principals (at the local Newspaper Office,to really experience the process of producing work for a large audience.) Both the editor and the graphic artist happily gave up more of their time when they saw the obvious interest and engagement of the students.

So now what…
As a direct result we’ve had emails of support, ideas for community projects, and invitations to come out to local service clubs and community organisations, to give presentations about what’s happening in our schools. Just what we’d hoped for !
We’re also noticing some shifting perceptions….Community members are starting to see changes as being part of an overall process, not just relevant to individual schools. They’re beginning to regard the schools in our area as a combined entity and part of our overall community… and student voice has been the catalyst for this. We need to continue providing relevant information and opportunities for discussion.
Shift Happens – Informing our community about changes to Schooling
Students Newspaper Spread - Shift Happens

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